A bulky male Grazerite in the late 24th century, who served as a Starfleet science officer. Prior to 2381, Amsta-Iber was assigned as chief meteorologist at Starfleet’s Aronnax Station on Pacifica. Following the Borg attacks on Barolia and Acamar in the lead-up to the Borg Invasion of 2381, Lieutenant Commander Amsta-Iber, as one of the few senior officers not yet reassigned, was transferred from Aronnax to iy’Dewra’ni, to oversee a refugee camp being established there. As he later phrased it, it was him or the ichthyologist. He was nominally in charge of the camp until Doctor Beverly Crusher and her team, sent by Federation Displaced Persons Agency Director Barash, arrived some days after the end of the crisis. Amsta-Iber was dismayed to discover the team wasn’t there to begin removing people from iy’Dewra’ni, but rather to investigate conditions and render limited aid. Amsta-Iber later worked with Thur chim Gliv to fix and maintain overworked food replicators around camp. The Grazerite found Gliv’s attempts at humour wearying. He later expressed his gratitude to all members of the team, though, for their commitment to making the camp a tolerable refuge.