A secretive prison facility run by the United Federation of Planets. It holds the convicted representative of the Dominion Founders, following her trial for war crimes.

Located in a remote, untraveled region of Federation space, the facility provides little likelihood for detection. It’s situated in a system that offers virtually nothing in either useful natural resources or interesting characteristics. The dark metal object has a diameter of less than one kilometre, and maintains a low sensor profile, emitting microwaves that mimic the background radiation of the universe.

Ananke Alpha was designed and constructed in the 2320s, for the purpose of incarcerating a small number of criminals, those deemed the most dangerous and most difficult to confine. After the resolution of the Dominion War, the few prisoners detained there were transferred to other facilities, and the prison was overhauled and modified so that it could safely and effectively hold its new, single inmate: the Founder leader.