Commander Shran pours Andorian ale.

An alcoholic drink brewed by Andorians, popular among natives and aliens alike. Produced in vast quantities on Andoria (and offworld colonies like Syrinx III), it’s a primary export of the Andorian Empire.

Andorian ale is coloured blue, with most varieties appearing somewhat translucent. It’s similar in appearance to Romulan ale, though not as potent. That said, its alcohol content is higher than Human ales. Due to being no more resistant to the effects of alcohol than Humans, Andorians usually serve it in small glasses. A particular variety of the drink, chemically enhanced to produce a luminous effect, is known as “glow-ale”.

Captain Jonathan Archer was introduced to the beverage during negotiations at Weytahn in 2152; he soon developed a fondness for it. A year later, Commander Shran gave Archer several bottles of the drink during their short-lived alliance in the hunt for the Xindi Superweapon.

In 2154, Shran and Archer once again shared a bottle of ale, toasting the loss of Shran’s ship, the Kumari.

Andorian ale was frequently served in Quark’s Bar on Deep Space 9. In 2371, Tiron ordered a glass, while in April 2376 Quark suggested Morn talk to Shar about methods of hair growth whilst keeping them liberally supplied with the drink.

As of the late 24th century, Keth Endilev was the largest brewing company producing Andorian ale.