The primary language of the modern Andorians.

In 2377, linguist Dr. Bart Faulwell noted a similarity between Andorii and the written language of the Ardanan culture, as well as with the Human languages of Japanese and Chinese.

List of words and termsEdit

Aanwato: “Raised by”, when referring to a zhen, as would be traditional.

Ceara: Traditional clothing among zhen.

Emvaiir: “Hope”.

Fiachon: “The question of honesty”, a deposition or statement under an oath or vow.

Fihras: “Puzzle of the corpse” or an unsolved murder, also a suspense genre of fiction among Andorian authors.

Fimdari: “The mystery of our legacy”.

Flabbjellah: A traditional Andorian sidearm that doubles as a musical instrument.

Kheth: The temporary pouch that grows over and around the lower abdomen of a zhen for the final phase of Andorian gestation.

Mdar: “One who will inherit”.

Mdari: “Our inheritance”.

Mdar’andor: “One who will inherit everything”.

Saf: A psychoactive chemical refined from an Andorian plant, used in the shelthreth and generally available only by medical prescription on Andor. Possesion of saf is illegal offworld.

Shapla: a betrothal symbol; woven locks of hair from bondmates.

Shelthreth: Ritual consummation of marriage for the purpose of conception (true mating).

Shuralan: “Gold”, the colour (not the metal).

Tezha: Sexual union outside the shelthreth.

Thezuraa: “Promise”.

Ushaan: A code of honour involving a duel with the ushaan-tor.

Ushaan-tor: An ice-miner's tool and weapon; in the Northern regions children often play with them.

Ushevaya: A slang term for “prostitute”.