An inhabited planet in the Alpha Quadrant. A cold world known for its snow-bound forests, it’s one of two planets in the Beta Renner system to host intelligent life. Its native species, the canine Anticans, warred with their neighbours the Selay for generations, until Federation negotiators helped end the feud. Federation commercial interests currently value Antica for its timber, which has become a primary export.


Diameter: 14,325 kilometres (8,593 miles).

Gravity: 1.2 g, with a density of 5.2.

Axial Tilt: 28% with Earth like-seasons.

Orbital Period: 382 days.

Rotational Period: 26 hours.

Classification: M.

Surface Water: 61%

Atmosphere: 97% is a standard pressure, with a composition of 72% nitrogen, 25% oxygen, 3% trace gases.

Flora includes the sestap tree family. Almost all species of sestap are valuable for their hardwood, which is exceptionally dense and durable, as well as strongly aromatic. These properties make it popular for construction, as well as furniture and other consumer items. Goods made out of sestap can cost 30% more in most markets than similar items made of ordinary hardwood. Entrepreneurs and traders began to visit Antica shortly after it joined the Federation, hoping to profit from the harvest and sale of sestap.