A famous speech given by the great Ligonian leader Makkus, who united the tribes of Ligon II into a single nation. In the aftermath, Makkus was hailed as Sovereign of Ligon, the first being to govern the entire planet. In his ascension speech, he eloquently but firmly opined that his people must swiftly resume the business of living, working to build on the new foundation of peace. If they didn’t, he feared the prevailing mood would shift to dissatisfaction, once again flaring into open conflict. His poetic diction was deeply inspirational, succeeding in soothing the various tribes, who remained committed to peace. The entire speech is taught today in Ligonian schools, with the passage below among the more notable excerpts:

“We must move on. Now. Before hearts cool and hands grow tired with waiting. We must move on, downstream, on the great river, which is Life. We have fought the battles and made our peace and all that’s left us is our time and how we fill it”.

The Ascension of Makkus is reasonably well known among other cultures, and is perhaps the most famous Ligonian text both on Ligon II and in the wider galaxy. Many races and nations have found in its simple words great meaning and wisdom.