A series of animated fiction created by the Klingons in the 23rd century. It features the character of Captain Koth, commander of a Klingon warship, the Vengeance.

The episodes are somewhat formulaic; for example, each and every one ends with the same line. Humans, Romulans, Kinshaya, servitors who have somehow managed to enter space, all of them ask their conqueror his identity, and the answer is always: “I am Captain Koth. Koth of the Vengeance. And this ship is my prize”.

One particular episode presents Captain Koth repelling a Federation boarding party. The episode was produced during the height of tensions between the empire and the Federation, and the party consists of computer-generated images of what are supposed to be an Andorian (with skin more green than blue and with overlong antennae), a Vulcan (with ears far too pointed), a Tellarite (who looks more like a targ than the alien in question), a Betazoid (with fully blacked-out eyes instead of the simple dark irises common in that species), a Human (with eyes too large and a mouth too small), a Trill (with spots covering her entire body), and a Denobulan (with the ridges misplaced). In the minds of many fans, the inaccuracy just adds to the joy of it.