A multi-species culture inhabiting the Alpha Quadrant. Consisting of several races committed to a non-biased unity, the Breen are secretive and powerful. Despite the diversity among them, their culture mandates the wearing of identical uniforms suited for each species’ biological needs. In this way, no prejudice or bias can disrupt the collective progress they strive for.


Breen refrigeration suits, at least those of military issue, are manufactured in different designs signifying rank. The more ornate variety, worn by command officials, features golden lining on the shoulders and arms and distinctive gold stripes that run down the centre of the top of the helmet, as well as the top of the “snout” section. Gold is a favoured colour among the Breen, symbolizing elevated social status and prosperity. This is due to the scarcity of the metal Gold on the Breen homeworlds (Humans also attach value to the colour for this reason).

The insignia of the Breen Confederacy is most commonly coloured gold. The central oval features a circular representation of a ball of light; presumably the sun. For the Breen, the sun is most likely a negative influence, rather than positive, and so its depiction here may be a symbol of aggression. As usual when dealing with the Breen, much is conjecture and little is known for certain.


Breen CRM-144