A planet in the 15 Lyncis System of the Alpha Quadrant. Homeworld of the Caitians, it periodically joins and leaves the United Federation of Planets almost on a whim.


Cait is located 35 light-years from Antede, 58.6 light-years from Delphi Ardu, and 69.4 from Boradis.


Diameter: 10,100 kilometres.

Equatorial Circumference: 31,730 kilometres.

Gravity: 1.25 g.

Surface water: 50%

Rotational period: 27 hours.


The planetary government is not as powerful as its counterparts on other worlds. For the most part, individual provinces and districts govern themselves quite effectively. As a consequence of the semi-nomadic lifestyle employed by many Caitian prides, centralized authority is considered somewhat unnatural. A planetary government exists mostly because it is required to join the United Federation of Planets.