The military branch of the Cardassian government; for most of Cardassia's recent history, essentially its leaders.


The Central Command was based on Cardassia Prime.

“There’s a saying in the Central Command. The Union Fleet runs on three things. Determination. Obedience. And salted dry rokat fillets”.


The pistol and rifle units issued to soldiers of the Cardassian Union operate much as Bajoran phasers do, relying on a set of tightened focusing beams to carry the total weapon discharge. The emitter crystal is reinforced in a rodinium collar, and is held by a split waveguide which performs the beam width and intensity adjustments commanded through the weapon controls. Aft of the emitter are the accelerator, beam generator, and power cell. The energy contained in the latter, which consists of an isotolinium ampoule, is rated at 3.2x107 megajoules in the pistol and 9.8x107 megajoules with added cells in the rifle. The only danger inherent in isotolinium for weapons use is that the charged liquid, if released in a single burst, can vaporize an unshielded mass equivalent to four cubic meters of tritanium. That said, no recorded accidental detonations of a Cardassian weapon are present in any Starfleet database.


Cardassian starships are more robust in design than their Starfleet equivalents. The space-frame is simpler and more compact, requiring less power for structural integrity fields. The materials used to construct different ships of the same class can vary considerably, depending on the current availability of resources. All Cardassian ships use embedded warp nacelles; these reduce the efficiency of the warp field but allow a smaller deflector-shield radius, making the shields comparatively more efficient. Further, all Cardassian spacecraft use matter/anti-matter reactors and fusion engines for propulsion. These operate at a lower frequency than Federation equivalents, giving Cardassian weapons and other energy emissions a characteristic yellow/orange colour.


The Central Command does not possess purpose-built explorer vessels. Instead, Galor-class warships perform a limited scientific role when necessary. They are equipped with laboratories and have a small complement of scientists. These scientists are usually assigned with specific missions in mind. The commanders of these ships are often women; female officers who overcome the sexual bias in the military to rise to the rank of Gul frequently find themselves sidelined by being assigned to exploration vessels. These officers tend to be completely ruthless due to general bitterness.

Perhaps the least glamorous, but most vital peacetime mission is the allocation of resources to worlds in Cardassian territory. The Union’s planets are often resource-poor, so shipments of industrial minerals, food sources, and other materials are essential to maintaining the economy, and the life of Cardassian colonies.