Two Chandir on Deep Space Nine.

A Humanoid race from the non-aligned planet Chand Aad.


Chandir are distinguished by the lengthy "trunk" extending from the back of the skull. This trunk is filled with large sinus cavities. These are essentially resonating chambers, used to amplify a Chandir’s voice for long-distance communication. Mating calls in particular are loud and resonant. The furrows on the face contain air passages, which assist in transmission. Chandir can close these furrows with muscular contraction, changing the length and shape of the air column within the trunk. Essentially, their entire head serve as a wind instrument.

Interactions with Wider GalaxyEdit

Chandir civilians are often seen in the Federation’s rim-ward sectors, as well as in former Cardassian territory. In particular, they frequently pass through the Bajoran system, and are regular visitors to Deep Space Nine.