A family of plants, containing numerous species. Cir-cen are squat, cactus-like flora from the planet Vulcan; the predominant form of plant life in many of its deserts. Virtually all varieties of cir-cen have a tough protective skin, which can be penetrated only by a laser or sharp knife. This skin shields the plant from the ravages of the searing heat, and is often covered by thorns or spines to protect it from herbivores. The plant’s interior layers store water; when sucked on, they provide a brief respite to a thirsty Humanoid. Vulcans wandering the desert often make use of them. Certain varieties of the plant, referred to in some parts of Vulcan as nor-cen, are characterized by an outer coating of sharp crimson spines. The pulp-like interior of this species not only holds water but offers a tasty and nourishing repast as well.