A species of lower animal native to planet Gnala. They’re one of that world’s most successful predators, found almost planet-wide. Colunnu are green and purple avians vaguely reminiscent of Terran geese. Fragile looking, they are nonetheless extremely dangerous. They produce a powerful toxin in their barbed feathers, which they shed as they fly. Any animal coming into contact with a discarded feather is swiftly poisoned and paralyzed. The Gnalish themselves are not immune; in fact they’re particularly susceptible. If even a single feather were to prick their unprotected skin, a Gnalish would be paralyzed in twenty seconds; their nervous system would likely shut down in another ten. The Colunnu are said to have an “uncanny knack” for knowing when one of their feathers has claimed a victim, and will soon descend to feed, often picking the bones clean before the poison’s finished its work. An antidote exists, but must be taken in advance. Gnalish do so regularly if travelling, and always wear shoes lest they step on a feather. The Colunnu are vocal animals, making deep-throated sounds quite unlike those of most Terran birds. They mate for life and raise a single brood each year.