An M-class planet in the Beta Quadrant, a lush and hospitable world without native intelligence. Deneva, charted and named by the Vulcans, was colonized by Humans in the early mid-22nd century, in order to establish mining operations in its star system’s asteroid belt. It quickly became one of Earth’s most economically indispensable and culturally influential colonies. In fact, Deneva’s status continued to rise until, by the 24th century, it was considered one of the core worlds of the United Federation of Planets. Sadly, the planet and its populace were eventually annihilated during the Borg Invasion of 2381.


One population centre of note, as well as a popular tourist destination, was the Summer Islands. This tropical archipelago boasted pristine white beaches, dazzling cities, and a thriving culture of visual arts and live music. The capital city of Lacon was located here, on the southern shore of the largest island. The Summer Islands lay across the Bealtaine strait from the Iapetus Ocean.

The long, kidney-shaped southernmost continent, Sibir, is cold and mountainous, with the primary mountain chain known simply as the Sibiran Range. To the west of this range lay the province of Mallarashtra. The Crescent Valley Retreat was a popular tourist destination in Mallarashtra Province; another prime attraction being the Winston Memorial Art Gallery.

The other continents, Bolshoi (the largest) and Menshoi (the smaller), have low mountains along their southern flanks, and large rivers flowing north into the ocean. Both continents historically supported large ranches and farms, which served primarily as research centres for efficient organic agriculture.