A humanoid race native to Drema IV.


The Dreman language has several terms for English “earthquake”, graded by severity.

Dreman words include the following:

Jakerga: Emergency rescue workers, specifically those who respond to mine collapse and cave-ins.

Jeeka Sausage: A food item.

Kilopar: A unit of measurement, describing distance. A kilopar equals approximately five and a half to six feet, and thus is equivalent to the height of an average Dreman.

Leevka: A ritual greeting in which a Dreman runs their fingertips from the shoulders of another and down the arms, without actually touching. Polite but not excessively formal, it is taught to children from a young age, and used with some regularity when receiving guests.

Ra’el Sha: Literally, “living dead”. Ra’el Sha describes a vegetative state, such as that experienced by victims of major physiological trauma. This is considered a fate worse than death by the Dreman people.

Talrod: A particularly severe earthquake.

Vituwater: A beverage, popular among miners.