A planet in the Tellun System, home to the Elasians


The climate corresponds with the M-class mean, except that its precipitation is slightly below average. The sub-arctic regions are cold and dry, and lashed in the winter by strong winds; few Elasians live there, and those who do rely on hunting and gathering instead of agriculture. The tropical and sub-tropical bands are well suited to agriculture and settled living, and so the vast majority of Elasians live near the equator. Elas has five continental landmasses, each of which are connected by narrow land bridges or separated from the rest only by narrow bodies of water.


Situated on the south coast is Ekeosos, the largest city on Elas and the Dohlman’s seat of power. Before the advent of world government, Ekeosos was the capital of one of the world’s most successful ancient kingdoms, also named Ekeosos. The name originates from the ancestral homeland of the tribe which first founded the city, and later the kingdom; the Ekeosos Mountains. This impressive range is situated to the south-west, marking the continent’s southernmost point. The region is considered the spiritual birthplace of modern Elasian culture. Elaan, the Dohlman who sacrificed her throne for peace with the Troyians, was descended from Ekeosos’ last ruling dynasty (about half of Elas’ Dohlmans could also claim connection to the bloodline). The Dohlman’s stately palace was once the residence of the monarchs of Ekeosos, although it has been refurbished and expanded on many occasions since ancient times. It is noted for its lush courtyard gardens, imposing stone columns (ornamented in a style that reminds Terran observers of Classical Greece) and the vivid colours of its decorations.


Native flora includes the Elasian cloud-apple, the fruit of which are harvested for consumption - and export. In particular, Humans and Trill enjoy Elasian cloud-apple; the Humans in a version of their traditional “apple pie".