A space-faring race known for its assassins.


Flaxians possess skin of beige, orange or brown; this skin is thick and leathery, offering more protection than that of Humans. It forms horizontal furrows along the forehead and the bridge of the nose, even in the very young - these folds tighten with age. Small hornlets are embedded in the skin, especially on the back and head. At various points (above the eyes, along parts of the jaw, along the centreline of the forehead and on the upper sides and back), these hornlets take the form of pearlescent coloured spheres. Flaxians arrange their hair so that the spheres on the back of the head can be seen, and strands of it are oiled and combed forward to touch the spheres on the forehead. The colour of a Flaxian’s spheres can tell a trained observer much about the clan the individual belongs to, where he comes from geographically, and even on occasion his age and health. The eyes are deep-set, and the face and hands are adorned with thick sensory whiskers; along with the scalp fur this signifies mammalian ancestry. Flaxian hair tends to be dark, typically a deep brown. Flaxians have a keen sense of smell and place much importance on scent. Flaxian assassins are known to use pheromonic sensors in their explosive devices; these activate the bomb upon detecting the specific pheromones of a certain species, or even individual.


Flaxians speak Sopor, and learn Rihannsu as a second language in formal schooling. They use only their given names, all of which start with a consonant and which are distinguished in sex by the first letter. B, C, J, K, M, P, R, S T and Z are for males, D, F, G, H, L, N, Q, V, W, X and Y are for females. The names of both sexes regularly end in “a”. Most names are of three syllables, and include Belegor, Daneli, Fanala, Livoya, Nitaya, Petera, Retaya, Seledon, Todaya and Yadala.


In the 24th century, the Flaxians utilize Nimaria-class scout ships. Vessels of this class are constructed by the Flaxians for commercial sale, and they are branded civilian vessels. Their modular design makes them easy to upgrade, which makes the Nimaria popular amongst engineering enthusiasts and criminals.