A deadly illness known to strike several Humanoid species, among them Humans and Betazoids. Named for the Human who first contracted it, the illness remains one of the more conspicuous failures of twenty-fourth century medicine. Iverson’s disease is slowly debilitating, and cannot yet be cured. Thankfully non-contagious, it attacks muscle fibre and other connective tissues, resulting in the progressive atrophy of limbs and vital organs. There’s no effect on mental faculties, but motor skills soon diminish. Those diagnosed face eventual death; as well as being no cure on record, there’s also no case of remission.

In 2359, Admiral Mark Jameson was diagnosed with Iverson’s Disease. Unwilling to slowly fade away, Jameson managed to obtain an alien drug from Cerberus II to alleviate symptoms. While the drug was initially successful, Jameson became over-reliant. Eventually, his dependency led to accelerated death.

Betazoid scientist Lem Faal also suffered from Iverson’s Disease.