Insignia of Iyaar.

A planet in the Beta Quadrant. Located in a rather empty sector of space, Iyaar is home to a race called Iyaarans, a little-known species of passionless Humanoids. The planet’s strategically unimportant, and lacks valuable minerals. It’s therefore a very minor player in galactic politics, which suits the somewhat isolationist Iyaarans fine.

Iyaar is the fifth planet of seven around a bright yellow-white dwarf star, spectral type F3V. The star is also named Iyaar, and is positioned on the edge of territory claimed by the United Federation of Planets.

Planet Iyaar is an M-class world slightly larger than Earth. Its gravity is five percent greater than standard, and its atmosphere a breathable mix of oxygen and nitrogen. Iyaar’s year is measured at 511 Terran days, its own day 20 hours. Iyaar has two tiny moons, both supporting large domed habitats -these are scientific and military outposts. Iyaarans have also colonized the fourth world in their system, a marginally habitable L-class planet. The three worlds nearest the sun are airless rocks; the first two uninhabitable D-class, with Iyaar III being class-F. The two outermost worlds are J-class gas giants, the first of which is named Seyaar.