A sapient species from an unknown planet, likely in the Alpha Quadrant. The Jenkth are a minor non-aligned race, rarely sighted. Their homeworld is thought to be in deep space, beyond those regions explored by the Federation. Despite this, they themselves have been seen on Federation planets, though never in large numbers. Some have even reached the core worlds. These Jenkth are always independent traders or, sometimes, smugglers; no contact has yet been made with this reclusive people’s government.


Jenkth are bipedal, but certainly not Humanoid. Instead, they’ve a distinctive “hunchbacked” appearance; their head held forward and lower than the crown of their sloping carapace. Said carapace consists of hinged plates coloured yellow, green or brown, and provides significant natural protection. The face is also armoured, sporting bony plates and sharp horns. The eyes are mounted on the side of the head, parallel to the shoulders. Large and red, they’re attached to semi-flexible stalks which can swivel independently. Beneath these is a sloping snout and sturdy jaws, themselves lined with several rows of teeth. The tongue is red and worm-like, and can be extended to reach the eyestalks. Between the armoured body and the powerful muscles of their upper limbs, Jenkth are typically very strong; they can overpower most Humanoids with ease. Their four-fingered hands are quite dexterous, and all four digits end in sharp claws.

Though little is known of their biology, Jenkth saliva is confirmed to contain various unique enzymes, and can be processed to create “Jex”, a chemical supposedly boosting intelligence in many species. This substance has been classed illegal by Federation authorities, its full effects as yet unclear. Many Jenkth who’ve reached the core sectors seem to be selling the drug, and they’re increasingly a race viewed with suspicion.


In 2372, a group of Jenkth ran a crime ring on Earth. It reached to Starfleet Academy, selling Jex to eager cadets. A Jenkth ringleader named Sssthss was eventually arrested by Starfleet Security.