A sapient spacefaring race from the Beta Quadrant. Long time foes of the Klingons, the Kinshaya were founding members of the Typhon Pact. Their nation is named the Holy Order.


Kinshaya are mammals, and so endothermic. They differ from Earth mammals in sporting six limbs rather than four, this being typical of vertebrate life on their homeworld. The limbs consist of four legs upon which they walk, and a pair of folded wings growing from the back. In an ancestral race, these wings were used for flight, but the modern Kinshaya are too heavy and they’re now retained for display purposes only. The colours on the wings signify family lineage, and when they’re flared these patterns become highly visible. Kinshaya flare their wings as a show of respect; military officers use it to salute their superiors.

Kinshaya prefer cooler temperatures.


Kinshaya names include: Adasop, Ador, Anilom, Elyk, Errot, Noca, Rendrag, Rensar, Retrj, Seguh, Uerba, and Yklem.

Soldiers drop to their knees and elbows when in the presence of higher ranking officers, and may offer a bow. This behaviour is especially prominent when they meet with those who are also of higher class, or prominent station. The shrieking call “Aya” is also used on such occasions, signifying deference or respect. Using the term is not required, but failure to do so will certainly be noted, and likely taken as a sign of pointed insubordination.


Almost all Kinshaya ships are spherical, and coloured black. Klingon Imperial Intelligence has speculated that Kinshaya limit the number of classes in order to standardize production, repair, and support for their vessels. Projections based on sensor scans theorize there are only two major types of ship, but that these consist of multiple sub-classes. Each vessel’s exterior hull has a unique design pattern, mirroring the distinctive wing plumage of a Kinshaya. As with the wing colours, the patterns denote the history and lineage of the vessel, often conveying information on its background or current captain.

The flight deck or bridge on both ship variants is predictably circular. The consoles on the bridge surround the centre area, facing inwards. Situated in the centre is a combination transporter/holographic projector.