A sapient race from New Mirada. The Miradorn are almost always born as twins, which share a telepathic bond.


Miradorn terminology includes the following:

Dugo tenya: A trauma-induced hallucination, particularly as manifests in “haunting” by deceased twins. It’s also the name for hallucinatory beings themselves, sometimes considered akin to “ghosts” or “phantoms”. For many Miradorn, particularly those inclined to mysticism, there’s little distinction between the science describing the visions, and the spiritual significance afforded them.

Hasatnoj: Literally, “do it yourself”. The period of waiting observed between announcement of a criminal trial and the actual proceedings. The hastanoj allows public sentiment to shift or fall away, freeing the outcome from the taint of extreme sentiment. It also allows the defendant to exercise other options; chief among them, suicide - hence the name.

Pugla yort: An idiomatic term, the closest translation of which is “half-made”. It describes a non-twin, labelling the being in question “incomplete”. It’s usually derogatory, and rarely used in polite company. It can be heard with some regularity in the seedier bars and taverns. Most aliens are pugla yort, as are 2% of Miradorn.

Rigli: A unit of time, roughly equivalent to an Earth minute.

Miradorn individuals include:

Ag-Liv and Jo-Liv,

Ah-Kel and Ro-Kel,

Boz-Nu and Yet-Nu,

Brag-Ret and Sog-Ret,

Chi-Sa and Ven-Sa,

Em-Lin and Or-Lin,

Gre-Lig and Saf-Lig,


Pre-Wu and Zhik-Wu,

Qua-Vo and Sil-Vo,