A Vulcan martial art, the opposite of the Kareel-ifla. A very young discipline by Vulcan standards, it was created by the warrior-poet Ladok. Though it’s non-violent in nature, it’s quite effective in hand-to-hand combat situations. Its moves use a minimum amount of force and movement, turning the attacker’s blows back on him rather than initiating one’s own attacks. A ponn-ifla master can take on a dozen opponents, and incapacitate them all without moving more than a foot from his starting position. Moves include block, joint-lock, redirect, throw and Narlik, which is similar to joint-lock but adds a twist to apply agonizing pain - but no permanent damage. The style’s name is derived from an ancient Vulcan saying regarding calmness in the eye of the storm. The practitioner is an eye of peacefulness amid a storm of violence.