A large herbivorous animal native to Rectys II. A grey-skinned beast weighing up to five tonnes, the monopod is named after its most distinctive feature; a single foot. By Rectys standards one foot isn’t unusual, but as the creature is the only native life-form regularly encountered offworld, it’s acquired the simple name “monopod”.

Rectyne monopods are hunted and herded by the Klingons. Their hides are used to produce fine leather goods, valued throughout the Klingon Empire, and sometimes sold to aliens. The beasts have been exported to many Klingon worlds, and populations have been introduced to planets as distant as Qo’noS and Alhena. They’re easily trainable but must be treated with caution; enraged monopods can cause massive damage with their impressive leap, and several unwary people are killed in this manner each year. Klingons typically use painstiks to control large animals without damaging their market value, but this doesn’t work with monopods. The painstiks cause extreme cephalic pressures, occasionally causing the animal’s head to explode.

Chief Miles O’Brien once saw Klingon painstiks used on a monopod; the multi-ton beast was so shocked by a single touch that it jumped, in O’Brien’s estimation, almost five meters. The painstiks indeed resulted in death; evidently the beast’s handler was an amateur, or else simply very angry.