A reverential term used by the Rolisans. Originally, it referred to the Thallonian race, whose skin is coloured red. Rolisa is located in territory traditionally claimed by Thallonian royals, and though the aliens for the most part left it in peace, they appeared on the primitive world in past generations. Their visits were brief, the purpose merely to inform the natives of Rolisa’s status in the Thallonian Empire; namely, a default member. The technologically unsophisticated Rolisans were greatly impressed by the visitors, and declared them gods. Over time, and following centuries of non-contact, the alien beings became nothing but popular myth, and the Red Gods an old legend. As of the 24th century, few took the tales seriously. Nevertheless, the mystique of the Gods lingered on, particularly in the minds of the superstitious. The Red Gods were traditionally described as “they who come from the sky and return to the sky at will”, likely a reference to either spacecraft or transporter technology.