A male Ardanan, and the son of engineer Moran Busk, himself the designer of the city of Stratos. Soske Busk was one of the first Ardanans to accept the bio-engineered Ardanan parasite into his body. The parasite was developed to enhance mental and artistic abilities; after he accepted it, Busk developed the anti-gravity engines needed to make his father’s dream a reality. Busk became known as “The Engineer of Stratos”, and the central component of the engine was also named Soske. Busk was eventually married to a woman named Miso. According to cultural specialist Carol Abramowitz, Busk gave Miso eleven paintings as a wedding gift, as well as a hand model of Stratos. Generations later, a descendant of Busk and Miso would be instrumental in the victory of the Troglytes over the Stratos City Dwellers, in the time of the Great Disruption.