A modular freight vessel in use during the mid-22nd century, operated by the Suliban Cabal. The design of the ship consisted of a lengthy central spine, with up to twelve long cell ships docked around it. The core section was presumed to contain the command and propulsion systems. The salvage ship was minimally armed, though it did carry at least one forward and aft particle cannon. It was also equipped with a transporter system, tractor beam and cloaking device. Reasonably fast for a freighter, it was capable of exceeding warp factor five.

Length: 190 metres.

Beam: 96 metres.

Height: 96 metres.

Mass: 18,000 metric tons.

Cruising Speed: Warp 5.

Armament: 2 particle cannons.

In late 2152, the Enterprise NX-01 encountered one of these ships while trying to salvage a 31st century time pod. The captain, affiliated with the Cabal, attempted to seize the future vessel himself. The salvage craft was ultimately destroyed, along with the cell ships escorting it, by a group of Tholian patrol cruisers. The Tholians were also attempting to claim the pod.