A Humanoid species from Talaria, in the Talar System. A patriarchal warrior culture, their nation is the Talarian Republic.


Talarians enjoy musical performances. Among their instruments is the sontra, a form of pipe instrument played via foot pedals. A traditional song written for the sontra is “Miloraz Silbonni”.


Cardassian viewpoints on the Talarian-Cardassian conflict:

“For the record, the conflict with those Talarian savages is not a war. They don’t deserve the honour of such a thing. It’s a punitive engagement. They’re like voles. Small, sharp teeth, quick, and numerous. Kept down, you understand, they are nothing but a minor impediment. But allow them to breed too much and you’ll soon find an infestation on your doorstep. The Talarians dared to come into our space, the voles into our house. So we drove them out. And now we must cull their numbers. For their own good”.

(Gul Danig Kell)

“I just feel that now is the moment for Cardassia to look inward and put her own house in order. It’s been a year since the Talarian conflict was brought to a conclusion, but Cardassia Prime still feels as if it’s on a war footing”.

“Cardassia is always on a war footing. And the Talarian conflict was not concluded, Kotan. It came to a stalemate. The two things are not the same. Just because we have withdrawn from Republic space and no longer engage them in open battle, it does not mean we can turn away from them. They still represent a viable threat. Along with the Breen and the Tzenkethi, they hold walls around Cardassia on three fronts”.

(Kotan Pa'Dar and Skrain Dukat)