A large bird species native to planet Tarkalea. The condor is one of the more iconic of the world’s many raptors. Making its home in mountainous valleys, it soars on updrafts of warm air as they tear through ravines. The condors possess drab plumage, a long thin neck and a hooked beak. Their wingspan is up to five metres, although three to four is more common. The body by contrast is small, plump and stocky, with two ungainly double-jointed legs which are nonetheless stronger than they look. These birds are large, stupid and aggressive; enough to pose a hazard to aircraft. Moreover, they are found across a large portion of the planet, though their slow breeding cycle keeps their actual numbers surprisingly low.

Tarkalean condors will gladly eat the eggs of other birds, and even the hatchlings if they can. More typically, they dine on carrion from other bird kills, or on Tarkalean sheep that fall from the cliff-tops during storms. With the great lift provided by their massive wings, condors can stay aloft longer than most birds, giving them an advantage in contests over fresh corpses or soon-to-be-available nesting spots. They mostly strike live prey or competitors with their beaks, using their talons to manipulate carrion. They’re known to place particularly choice pieces on their backs for transport.

During his stint as a “Solid” in 2373, shape-shifter Odo had an embarrassing experience when, in chasing two Yridian dabo cheaters, he instinctively jumped off the second level of the Promenade. He confessed to Benjamin Sisko that he’d intended to turn into a Tarkalean condor. Sisko thought doing so would have been impressive; Odo agreed, which made his experience all the more humiliating.