A sapient race native to the planet Tellar, a founding member of the United Federation of Planets.


Where Human senses perceive any event taking less than a fifteenth of a second as instantaneous, Tellarites can discern events as brief as one twenty-fourth of a second.

Whereas the medical condition known as dyspnea is considered in most species a “symptom”, in that the patient is aware of the problem, it is considered a “sign” in Tellarites. Typically, it will only be noticed by a doctor, as part of a medical examination.


The Tellarite colony of Hakon offers a glimpse of Tellarite architectual design. Most of the dwellings there were two-story, and to Human eyes looked like children’s blocks piled atop each other. The upper levels were smaller, allowing the outer edge of the lower roof to form a balcony. Children played fearlessly on these narrow labyrinths, which were connected by ladders and stairs; Tellarites have good balance and seldom have accidents despite their bulk. Although the earthen houses looked similar in colour and shape, they were distinguished by curtains, banners, and laundry in large, bright plaids, flapping from every window and balcony.

Instestellar RelationsEdit

Increased contact with Ferengi Alliance traders resulted in reciprocal interest in Tellar, and the Ferengi seem to respect the locals’ skill in business. In fact, Tellarites may be the Federation member race Ferengi hold in highest esteem. The attention is not always welcome, though. Recently, Ferengi visitors have shown up on Tellar periodically, trying to recruit Tellarite mining specialists to help them search for new latinum deposits. They usually, if not always, leave disappointed. Some Ferengi are also convinced that vast deposits of the currency metal lie undiscovered on Tellar itself. They use as many blandishments as they have at their disposal to convince natives to give up their locations. In truth, no such knowledge exists, because the Tellarites have never bothered to look for latinum. They themselves have little use for it, and they don’t like pushy Ferengi trying to badger them into searching.