The fourth planet of the Teridus system, in the Beta Quadrant. Teridus is light-years from any other star, and none of its orbiting worlds support life. The closest inhabited system is Hermat, and the Hermat Directorate claimed Teridus in the 22nd century. They did so mostly out of enthusiasm; a desire to plant their flag following the advent of a warp five program. For the next 150 years, Teridus was known about but seldom talked about. The Hermats never bothered to exploit it in any way; there seemed little point. That changed in 2348, though, when an object roughly the size of Earth’s moon swung out of Teridus’ Oort cloud and crashed into the fourth planet. The resulting impact left valuable elements scattered throughout the region, effectively giving Teridus a new and valuable asteroid belt. This prompted the system’s first regular traffic; a swarm of prospectors from Hermat-controlled systems and beyond, all headed toward Teridus in an effort to get rich quick.