A non-humanoid race from the planet Tholia. Their nation is the Tholian Assembly, a major power in the Alpha Quadrant.

The AssemblyEdit

For the most part, the Assembly’s annexing of neighbouring star systems is a one-way proposition. The system being annexed usually becomes a servile province. Bipedal species in particular have proven quite useful in the lesser echelons, though they remain subservient to even the lowest-ranking members of Tholian society.


Unlike many of their neighbours, the Tholians do not have a policy of ‘gunboat diplomacy.’ They prefer to keep their largest and most powerful ships far from the fringe worlds of the Assembly. It is felt that protecting the core Tholian colonies is considerably more important than demonstrating their strength to potential enemies. The Tholians are also hesitant to betray too much information about their defences.

The Shedai and the origin of TholiansEdit

“I would rather their wrath than their rule. Better to be annihilated than subjugated. Mark my words, Narskene: Our people will not wear that yoke again. They will kill to prevent it and die before they accept it. It is time to face the truth: This is war” - (Yazkene).

24th CenturyEdit

None of their battle simulations had included a seemingly un-precipitated attack out of thin air. Starbase 311 was largely unprepared for a siege, being designed primarily for research. They had basic shields and phaser banks, as well as photon torpedoes, but that was the extent of their defensive systems. Two Tholian ships were quickly knocked out of commission. Two more, though, started spinning an updated version of the famous Tholian web around the starbase. This web, instead of being a simple energy construct, had the additional effect of disrupting the station’s electronics. A message went out to the USS Berlin as soon as the Tholians approached, but no one was sure if it had been received, or if further messages were going out. Soon other systems began failing; shields, intra-base communications, environment, weapons. As the Tholians began constricting the web, the starbase was rocked violently back and forth, slamming occupants and equipment alike into walls and floors. The two remaining ships then pounded the starbase with phasers and plasma cannons.