A Humanoid race from Ab-Tzenketh, whose nation is the Tzenkethi Coalition.


The Tzenkethi are known to prefer the confines of star systems, being less than comfortable in the emptiness of deep space. As such, they establish waypoints and outposts beyond their borders, to provide their scouts and raiders with refuge.


The hull shape of the Tzenkethi Marauder is inspired by ocean predators from the abyssal depths of Ab-Tzenketh. When in flight mode, the elongated fuselage resembles a smooth, seamless teardrop.

The inner walls of the ship’s hull are studded with powerful field nodes that reinforce structural integrity and internal gravity envelopes. It is this design aspect that lends a deadly agility to the craft, allowing the marauder to perform actions that ships several times smaller would struggle with.

Absorption grids trawl the clouds for consumable chemicals and raw matter for the fuel stores, while mile-long antennae no more than the thickness of a hair trail out behind.

The Tzenkethi use tailored gravitational fields so that walls and ceilings become work areas. The upper surface of the deck is almost a mirror of the lower one, with consoles and oddly shaped chairs distributed in a circular formation. The ship’s commander sits on a broad, cushioned disk in the room’s centre. A cluster of circular screens and abstractly proportioned panels hang around him, suspended on the ends of metal armatures that rise from the floor or dangle from the ceiling.