The Vorgons are an elusive race of unknown agenda and history. Rarely seen, they are thought to originate in deep space, likely from a world in unexplored territories. Given their apparent level of technology and likely propulsion capabilities, they may even hail from outside the Alpha or Beta Quadrants. Those individuals encountered by the United Federation of Planets and its neighbours are thought to be wandering merchants or scouts, and not to represent any collective Vorgon government. They seem particularly interested in advanced technologies, and often deal in this line of trade on the black market. Most Vorgon sightings - of which there are relatively few - involve seemingly unsavoury or suspect dealings. Unfortunately, authorities have a hard time tracking their profiteering activities, for they possess sophisticated, almost magical technology - they can beam great distances, and their ships are almost impossible to detect.

It is rumoured they have even attempted to exploit the profit-margins of varying markets at different points in the time-line, by dabbling with temporal science.