A major spaceport city on Vulcan. It was historically the planet’s second-largest city, and had a population of almost 7 million as of 2360.

Vulcana Regar is situated in Na’nam - the largest of Vulcan’s continents - in the province of Raal. The city contains offices for the factors of Vulcan’s primary mercantile families, and vast warehouses for the storage of all manner of cargoes. It also features the central office of the Vulcan House of Merchants, and the Regar Currency Exchange. Given the legendary honesty of Vulcans, illegal activities such as smuggling are virtually unheard of here, and anyone caught even shading the tariff laws in their favour is quickly invited to leave the planet. Despite this, the Ferengi consulate on Vulcan is located in the city. For those seeking to sell their cargoes at a fair price, few markets match the wealth of Vulcana Regar.


Vulcana Regar was the site of the Second Ka’Tann Conference in the early 22nd century. One of the leading negotiators at the conference was Ambassador V’Lar. One of the attendees was a young T’Pol, still in her early schooling, and who’d travelled a great distance specifically to see the Ambassador.

Late-24th century Starfleet Academy hopeful, T’Shanik, was from Vulcana Regar. By this time, the city was also home to the headquarters of the V’Shar (Vulcan bureau of internal security).

Vulcana Regar survived the attack on Vulcan during the Borg Invasion of 2381. With the destruction of ShiKahr, it was left the planet’s most populous city. Vulcana Regar’s medical facilities and institutions were overwhelmed with casualties. There were several incidents on violence in the following months, including a case where a civilian counsellor at the hospital was killed by one of her patients. Her colleagues all had full workloads, so a Starfleet counsellor from the orbiting Massachusetts took on her remaining patients, at least on a temporary basis.