A word in the primary language of the Orishan people, translating into Federation Standard as “vessel”. More specifically, it implies sentience serving as a vehicle for the spirit, wisdom or teachings of another. The word is highly significant given the Orishan reproductive cycle, in which breeding females - “Maters” - birth entire nests of subordinates. These leaders are thus the vessel for creation, the beings through which the god Erykon works to further its agenda. Accordingly, a great many Maters take the word as a component in their name; for example, Caste Mater A’yujae’Tak. “Yujae” has had greater significance in Orishan culture since the arrival of the Oracle, the historic teacher who founded their modern culture. This teacher was really Jaza Najem, a time-displaced Starfleet officer native to Bajor. Jaza, in his guise as the Oracle, guided the birth of current Orishan society, giving them the concept of castes - Dreamers who did the planning, Hunters who did the fighting, Weavers who did the building, and the Guardians whose job it was to protect the world and its people. His goal was to shape the Orishan adherence to hierarchy in a manner steering them away from destruction and bloodshed. His earliest disciple was the warrior Tik’ik, whom he sent to convey his teachings to the tribes. Through her, the Oracle’s word brought laws and guidelines; details on how many female fighters should breed with male weavers, how many larvae a clan could support and remain healthy, how much territory they could use before infringing on their neighbours, and what to do when this occurred. Thus, she was the first vessel of his wisdom, and he named her “Yujae”, honouring her in her own language.