A Humanoid race famed for their tactical skill and strategic manner of thinking. They’re members of the United Federation of Planets.


Zakdorn are typically short and plump, rarely as tall or lean as Humans, although “lanky” individuals do crop up occasionally. The Zakdorn face features three or four rigid folds of fibrous tissue on the surface of each cheek, and they usually have a pasty complexion that in a Human would signify ill-health. Combined with their tendency to start balding at a younger age than most races, they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing of species. In the breeding season, the cheek folds of the male, which are significantly more pronounced, flush red and swell, in a manner reminiscent of game bird’s wattles. This serves as an instinctive mating display, and primitive male Zakdorn would attract females by strutting back and forth, shaking their cheeks. A somewhat “puffed-up” attitude continues to be exhibited by many male Zakdorn today.


Zakdorn tend toward extreme compulsiveness, and when challenged or proven wrong in their chosen areas of expertise respond with almost childish pique. They also display a boorishness or petulance when dealing with others, a consequence of their anti-social natures. Zakdorn society - such as it is - encourages confidence and self-assuredness. The Zakdorn also have a reputation for being fussy and pretentious, easily agitated with a tendency to moan. This can make dealing with them a chore for other species, including their allies such as Humans. As Cervantes Quinn would have it: “His few encounters (with Zakdorn) almost always ended with him wishing for a blunt object of some kind and five minutes without any witnesses”. However, their fussy nature can in many ways be beneficial, translating into complete intolerance for serious health and safety violations, immoral conduct or miscarriages of justice.

Interestingly, Zakdorn prefer contests where the participants are clearly mismatched, and there is a strong expectation of one side’s victory. Examining how the underdog approaches the competition is considered more revealing than the tactics of the winner.


Members of the race tend to wear heavy, one-piece suits with thick, tight collars as part of a protective sheath over the chest and shoulders. Their black, brown or gray hair is typically worn short and slicked back, at least in males.