A planet in the Beta Quadrant, home to the Zaldans. Located in a sector proximate to both Klingon and Romulan territory, it was fast-tracked into the United Federation of Planets. Although the Zaldan people are unpopular - their cultural norms proving an irritation to their allies - the planet Zalda serves an essential economic function within the Federation. The majority of trade between Federation interests and the Klingon Empire passes through Zalda, ensuring the world’s prosperity.


Zalda is the fifth planet in the Dolium system, orbiting the K-type orange dwarf star Dolium. It’s designated M-class, though bordering on class-O or P. Largely pelagic, its small landmasses are subject to frigid temperatures and blistering winds, due to positions near the poles. Vast oceans broken only by fractured networks of tiny islands dominate equatorial regions. The Zaldans live for the most part in gigantic cities mounted on platforms, supported by enormous pylons rising out of the sea. Many cities consist of multiple platforms arranged in layers, the living units connected by miles of tubing. High-speed train cars hurtle through these, propelled by electromagnetic charges. One major city of note is Prollus, while another location on Zalda is Ronli Island.